"It's not exclusive, but inclusive, which is the whole spirit of jazz."  Herbie Hancock


Due to a cancellation we now have one piano place available
Few places still available for drums (kit provided), horns and vocals
Bursary available for drummers
Telephone 07718 424509 for more information

Other course updates
Due to unforeseen events Tom Cawley and Rick Simpson will not be able to work with us this year. 
We are privileged to have the wonderful Kate Williams (Guildhall School of Music) join us as our piano tutor.

 Wednesday 24 August at the Jazz Club we will be celebrating of the life of Tina May. Tutor and students' performances will be from the Tina May Song Book.

Friday 26 August Norma Winstone will be joining us to hold a Masterclass and perform in the Tutor Concert at night.

Saturday 26 November at Pizza Express Pheasantry we will be presenting the Mehr Clef Experience, a concert given by 2022 Mehr Clef Students